Healthy Eating

There are many ways in which you can adopt healthier eating habits and doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. The all or nothing approach can set you up for failure. If your goal is to eat better and improve your health, then I have 5 essential tips for transitioning to healthier eating and for Read More →

hunger and appetite

At first glance, hunger and appetite may appear to be the same thing. But upon closer examination, we can see that some types of appetite may not be so good for our health. Hunger vs Appetite Here’s a way to think about the difference between hunger and appetite: Hunger is when you eat a green Read More →


I often get asked about inflammation. Specifically, what can be done to reduce it? So this month I’m giving you my top tips for reducing chronic inflammation. It is important to appreciate that “inflammation” is an umbrella term used to describe a process that is essential for good health. When inflammation becomes chronic, however, it Read More →

HEALTH: The Four Pillars

The four pillars of health include life quality, nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Before you roll your eyes and say, “Oh, I know that, it’s nothing new,” you may want to continue reading. Most of what you’ve heard about the four health pillars has come from mainstream media, fed by commercial interests, and it’s likely that Read More →

Seasonal allergies.

Allergic diseases are the 8th most common chronic disease in the US. Hay fever alone affects more than 6 million people a year. Contrary to popular belief, allergies affect people everywhere, equally. There is no region within the US that is more “allergic” than another. And unlike allergies caused by food or animals, hay fever Read More →

When it comes to our health, much has been discovered about the bacteria living in our gut. Research has connected allergies, obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and many other illnesses and diseases, to the health and diversity of our gut microbiota. Keeping your gut bacteria healthy comes down to the probiotics and prebiotics we ingest. Before we Read More →

Find the right diet for you.

A new year is upon us and with that many of us are taking stock and re-assessing aspects of our lives, especially our diets! Even if you aren’t into the New Year’s resolution thing, you may still be thinking about how you might improve your health this year. This kind of thinking typically results in promises to Read More →