The Immune System is your inner healer and maintains the body in times of health and disease. It protects the body from all types of threats, from cancer and infection to cellular aging. It also acts as the body’s clean-up crew, clearing away cellular debris, dying cells, and other wastes.
The immune cells are found throughout the body. They can be found in every tissue and organ of the body, including the brain! The blood provides a way for the immune cells to move around the body and a convenient site for your physician to collect a sample. It’s estimated that 70% of your immune cells are actually found in your gut.
As mentioned in Myth 5, the immune system can fit off cancer and does a remarkable job doing so. So why do we get cancer? The cancer itself develops mechanisms to trick and subvert the immune response. Many cancer therapies underdevelopment are focused on restoring immune function so the immune cells can kill the cancer cells. One example of this is the CART therapy.
Unless you’re immune compromised, you cannot boost the immune system. In fact you may not want to. Autoimmune diseases are the result of an overactive immune response. Striving for a balanced immune system is the best strategy.
Lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep can all have a profound impact on the health of your immune system. Plant fibers processed through bacteria in the gut modulate the immune system, exercise promotes a happy, balanced immune system, chronic stress can depressed the immune system, and sleep is essential for all the clean-up jobs the immune system does!

Until next time, stay well!

Dr. Tobi Schmidt

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